Mister World Tourism 2016 First Runner-Up Title For Sangit Shrestha

Sydney based Nepalese model Sangit Shrestha bagged the first-runner up title at the Mister World Tourism 2016 earlier this week in Vigan City, Philippines. The former Mr Nepal 2012 First Runner Up also won the title “Darling Of The Press” at the event on December 11. Great going Sangit! The Mister World Tourism 2016 winning title went to Myanmar.

Apart from his modelling and media experience in Nepal, Sangit was also a model at this years FashionMandu 2016. He also received the FashionMandu Ambassador 2016 title! If you’ve missed out his previous feature on the blog on THITO ALERT then click HERE!sangit-shrestha-mister-tourism-world-2016 sangit-shrestha-mister-tourism-world-2016-2 sangit-shrestha-mister-tourism-world-2016-3

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