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After a hiatus, we finally have someone for RAMRI ALERT! Surabhi Manandhar may have left her media career in Nepal for the sunny Sydney but her beauty has not gone unnoticed. The model and VJ has left no stones unturned and already been involved in several modelling, music video and film project in Australia. As we exchanged messages for this feature, Surabhi shared that her first time modelling was for a Newari music video when she was only in Class 7. As they say, the rest is history.

Her first experience proved to be one which Manandhar enjoyed and soon-after, she took part in children’s beauty pageant and later tried her hand as a VJ for NEWS24’s entertainment channel e24 followed by NEWS24’s music show Cocktail. Being on TV and a media personality opened the world of music videos for Surabhi as she went onto do quite a number of music videos. With her network from Nepal, Surabhi was introduced to different Nepali figures in Australia working in the creative arts. The beautiful model was appointed as the brand ambassador for cinematographer Saurav Manandhar’s DIGITAL KEY Production.

Talking about DKP, Surabhi shared that “DKP presents music videos, short-films and organizes film premieres in Sydney. We are working to bring more services including an online channel”. As a brand ambassador, she has been involved in several music shows and was also in Sanjeev Singh’s recent music video. She has also made a small guest appearance in the film HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Let’s get to know Surabhi on Ramri Alert!

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Photo: PranaPix

LEX: You’ve been living in Sydney for two years now. Can you share what are the three things that you miss about Nepal?

SURABHI: Firstly – my family, my work place NEWS24 and Nepal itself.

LEX: I’m sure you’re used to living in Australia by now so what are the three things you love about living down under?

SURABHI: Three is simply not enough, Australia is just something else. The fresh environment is a first, my friends here and different opportunities that one can receive here. Overall it’s a beautiful place to visit and I love everything here.

LEX: What is one thing you’d love to do one day?

SURABHI: As I grew up watching lots of films of romance and drama genre, films by makers such as Yash Chopra, if I get a chance to do a song or a movie in the future I would love to go somewhere where it’s snowing and wear a saree and do something like Aishwarya and Shah Rukh in Mohabattein. I know it sounds too filmy but that’s one thing I would love to do despite the cold. Outside of the industry, since I’ve loved dancing from a very young age I would love to do dance lessons on YouTube where I hope to post some Nepali Classical and some modern contemporary dance.

LEX: What was the last Nepali film you watched?

SURABHI: GAJALU, twice actually.

LEX: Your best selfie moment was with?

SURABHI: I have three actually! A celebrity one was with Karishma Manandhar during a fashion show where she was a showstopper. I was a model at the show and she was very kind and ever so humble.

Surabhi with actress Karishma Manandhar

Secondly, I have to share, it’s Sandhya KC. She’s a very good friend from Nepal and we had lots of fun during the filming of HAPPY NEW YEAR in Sydney.

Surabhi with friend and actress Sandhya KC

My last one is with my sister who was awarded as the Best Model in Miss Australasia 2016. Us homies shared a proud moment at that time.

Surabhi with her sister during the award

LEX: Okay, for the next few – please complete the sentence:

THE LAST TIME I HAD JUNK FOOD WAS: Argh! Everyday! I am constantly having some chips or nuggets. Junk food always seems to be there. I have a habit of drinking 3-4 mugs of green tea right after that though.

EVERY MORNING I TRY NOT TO: not to sleep again. Haha! It’s the worst feeling, to leave your bed and go straight to work.

THE SONG I CANT STOP LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: Thamel Bazar! This song has done something to me. It’s like it’s the first song in my playlist that I repeat constantly and second is Ciara’s Body Party.

Photo: Sudeep Shrestha

Photo: Digital Key Production

ONE DAY I’D LOVE TO STAR IN A FILM WITH: Saugat Malla, he is like all-in-one actor of Nepali cinema. His work fits everything. I’d love to meet him and ask him how he manages to bring that spark in his work.

THE YEAR 2016 HAS BEEN: 2016 was a great year for me. There were lots of things that changed. I got promoted at work and received new projects to explore. Being featured on lexlimbu.com is a nice way to end the year as well. I hope 2017 has a lot more in store.

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