Should NRN’s Get The Right To VOTE?

Speaking at the 5th Annual General Meeting of NRNA National Coordination Council USA, Nepal’s foreign minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat who also happened to be a chief guest at the event reportedly shared “As the Nepalis with green cards and PR status are very much Nepali citizens, they should be allowed to vote in elections in Nepal”. While the NRN ID Card enables non-resident Nepalis to do business in Nepal and acquire property, they are not able to make a political vote.

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Of course, as always – Dr Mahat also took the event as an opportunity to encourage the Nepali diaspora to invest in the development of Nepal. Whilst many would be happy to receive the right to vote in Nepal as an NRN, I somehow do not think it will actually be something that will be put forward. Nonetheless, Dr Mahat probably earned a few brownie points from the non-resident Nepalis at the event for sharing the supportive statement.

To the many of my readers who live, are settled and are ‘non-resident Nepalis’, what’s your take? Is this something that is important to you?

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