“Uff oh my got, aba ayo ek batta powder” – This make-up tutorial may look similar but its voice-over will have you in stitches! YouTuber Mika Myrie’ got her dad involved in the video where he’s generously done the voice over for the make-up tutorial and he definitely tells you like it is. The part when he’s like “aakha ko singh” banaune palo ayo. Laughing my ass off.

Gotta give it uncle for his voice-over! Fully entertained. FML – the part at the end when she’s brushing (?) her face and he say’s “hoover ayo” hahahahahahahahahahhaa. hahahaha. x2!

Lmao. I’m done.

PS. I think I want to see uncle in a future video applying make up on Mika! #LetsDoThis

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