“I lose a lot. But then I rise to fulfill my dreams” Ishan Biju Shrestha


We are all born with some special talent. It can be writing, dancing, singing, cooking or anything. But the question is do we always get a chance to showcase our beautiful talents? No! Only few among us do get such opportunity and luck. There are numerous talented people around us who are very underrated and are still hidden because of the “not so cooperative society” we live in. But isn’t that injustice to them?

Well, in the process of meeting a lot of people, I actually came to know someone who is full of talent. A dancer,  a guitarist, an event organizer, a model, a football player and not to forget a LAW student.  Isn’t that really cool? I mean how can a person have so many talent? And this made me actually interview this cool-all-rounder hidden talent who is actually very inspiring.

Mr Ishan Biju Shrestha, a bag of talent who was also recently announced the second runner-up for Model Quest International Nepal 2016 is a third year student of Law at Kathmandu University and is a very active student of the campus as per his friends. So let’s know him better through this short conversation:

NATASHA: How do you manage to do so much? Are you passionate for all that you are involved in?

ISHAN: Well, I was always into dancing. Gradually I took classes for it. Similar goes for football, I don’t know when it started; it has always been there. Other things developed with time as interests but I took it seriously and trained myself for it. And yes, I am equally passionate for everything I have been doing. And enjoy working hard for it.

NATASHA: Isn’t it difficult for you to manage your studies and other activities of your interest?

ISHAN: It is. It is disturbing at times. I really need to manage my time, from morning gym sessions to evening dance classes and then my assignments and exams. But it’s okay. Because working hard for these stuffs give me inner peace.

NATASHA: Success is great. But humans also fail. How do you cope up with failure?

ISHAN: I think failing is a part of life. Let it be failing a maths exam or not winning a football match. I am not always achieving. I lose a lot. But then I rise to fulfill my dreams. And specially for the struggling youths like me, not letting failure disturb the pattern of life is very important. I always keep that in mind.
NATASHA: Your subject major in college and your other field of interests are a total contrast. Do you think you will be able to grab a nice career?

ISHAN: Why not? I work hard for everything I love. And since my areas of interests are very different from one another I can choose anything as a career and get into something nice someday. I think a little bit of ups and downs for few years and I will be somewhere. (confidently smiles)

NATASHA: So lastly, any suggestions for the youths?

ISHAN: I think working hard is solution to everything. Just don’t sit in your room, come out, let the world know you exist and appreciate your talent. Also don’t forget to enjoy your life.

Interviewed by Natasha Jha – Jhanatasha77@gmail.com

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