WATCH: Priyanka Karki In Indian Noodle Eat-O Advert!

Now this came outta nowhere! I wasn’t ready for this. RADHE actress PRIYANKA KARKI features in a television ad for Indian noodle ‘EAT-O’. In the 40-second clip, you’ll see Priyanka as a mother speaking in Hindi and encouraging her sons to eat up, eat-o! Aha!

The advert was conceptualized, materialized and filmed in Nepal by a Nepali production house “G21 Productions”. Interesting! Well well! This certainly isn’t the first time that a Nepali entertainer has been featured in an Indian ad – check out model/actress Paramita’s Sri Lankan ad here!

The actress recently shared her new song from the upcoming film RADHE. Priyanka stars alongside action hero Nikhil Upreti in the film. Looks like Priyanka finally got her wish to film in the snow in Nepal (not the UK lol).

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