100,000 Red Roses Imported From India For Valentines Day!

So February 14th – Valentines Day came and went and I’m guessing many of you probably received a beautiful red rose or two or were the ones who handed out roses to your loved one (or ONES depending on how much you love ha!). Surprisingly the demand for roses is so strong during Valentines Day in Nepal that the country cannot meet the demand. ENTER India – in the article by Hindustan Times, it is reported that Nepal was importing 100,000 roses due to the gap!

Kumar Kasari Shrestha, chairman of Floriculture Association Nepal has been quoted saying “Out of the total demand of 200,000 sticks of rose in Nepal for this particular day, we have already imported half of that number from India”. Is this an opportunity for people of Nepal? Could there be a gap for florists in the market?

This is pretty fascinating. Having spent majority of my time in the UK, I never really cared about Valentines Day here but it was during two years of schooling in Kathmandu that I really experienced Valentines Day. The seniors in our school received permission to sell roses and of course this led to majority of students buying atleast 2-5 roses to give to friends and their crushes. To be honest, for a young me it was more of a “I’ll get you a rose if you get me a rose” but yeah. Fun times.


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