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The Mira Rai Film is finally here to watch! The film in Nepali is now available to watch on YouTube. Trailrunner Mira received the National Geographic’s Adventurer Of The Year title in January, an annual honour by Nat Geo. Mira Rai’s rapid rise has been documented in the film by Lloyd Belcher.

From the nostalgic journey tracing her roots and her family, to closely following her races in Italy, France and Hong Kong; the documentary film is close to being a ‘making of Mira Rai’. Her drive and her hunger to succeed is visible throughout the film. The journey of Mira captures stunning landscapes of various locations all over the world, something that Belcher excels in.

The film is available on VIMEO pay per view if you wish to watch in other languages besides Nepali. The money from the pay per view will go towards funding the mobile cinemas in Nepal where Mira Rai Film will be screened.


Screening of MIRA at Kadambari School in Birgunj.
Photo: Images: Bato Ko Cinema [Sattya]
Someshwor Higher Secondary School, Maadi, Chitwan.
Photo: Images: Bato Ko Cinema [Sattya]
Gurukul Vidyashram Lekhnath, Pokhara, Kaski.
Images: Bato Ko Cinema [Sattya]

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