Deepak Rauniyar On New York Times’ 9 New Directors You Need to Watch List

With Deepak Rauniyar‘s WHITE SUN only few days away from screening at the New Directors/New Films Festival in New York, the director has also found himself on The New York Times’ “The 9 New Directors You Need To Watch” list published on 14th March. Amazing moment! Congrats to Deepak Rauniyar! WHITE SUN starring Dayahang Rai world premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year and has gone onto receive critical acclaim including the Best Asian Feature Film award at the Singapore International Film Festival.

WHITE SUN follows the tale of two brothers with Dayahang Rai playing a maoist fighter, set in the period after the civil war. Variety reviewed the film by saying “Deepak Rauniyar’s outstanding second feature is a powerful drama about people and a nation at the crossroads”. The trailer looks stellar!

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