#FuntasticParisGirls Are Back With A Girl Power Dance Video!

The #FuntasticParisGirls are back with a girl anthem story dance video titled C’est La Vie! The ladies from France bring forth the latest video with a strong message to live your life. Working on the concept, camera, editing and direction is Avash Acharya and the video also features many personalities who you are probably used to seeing on cinema screens!

“C’est La Vie” (French) translates to ‘This Is Life’ in English and this Nepali version has adopted the backdrop of the original song by Cheb Khaled. The Nepali version has been sung by Sophiya Basnet and Pooja Adhikari, who also happen to be the #FuntasticParisGirls. My my! They’re really juggling different talents here!

They’ve put in so much effort from doing the song in Nepali to weaving out a story! Have to appreciate that! Keep entertaining us folks.

PS. Enjoy the original below!

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