Pep Talk, Chemical Attack And Counter Attack: Syria’s Nightmare


As I was going through my Facebook wall the other day, I came across a video that I was not prepared for. The source that was broadcasting the video on my feed was live on the 4th of April but I had no clue who had posted the video. I recalled some of the white helmet workers from the Oscar winning documentary from earlier this February. The graphic contains of the video showcased the ongoing chemical war in Syria. Two minutes through the live post as it had claimed, I could not stand the being of my existence.

A while ago I was worried about my history exams followed by my government test and before me, I had a living testimony of a failed government policy that had led to one of the worst chemical attacks in Syria in years. I was witnessing history being made for all the wrong reason.

Then came the aftermath, by the time the news hit the world there were several escalation and analysis, most blaming president Bashar al-Assad of Syria and some claiming the news was being staged by the white helmets.

The footage shows children choking and squirming in pain, others fidget on the ground unable to move and breathe. The New York Times wrote that dozens of people including children were attacked by the poisonous gas, possibly a nerve agent or banned chemicals. Meanwhile the latest post from The New York Times writes that the Russian deputy representative to the United Nations suggested that the contain of the attack were fake and generated by emergency workers and activist.

However, the apparent death in Khan Sheikhun were not fabricated. The news source confirm the evidence provided. Meanwhile, Trump joined King of Jordan Abdullah II to discuss about the issues on the attack as he stated, “Heinous action cannot be tolerated.” The conference was held on 5th of April at the White House where he also spoke about peace negotiation between Palestine and Israel. Earlier on in February, Trump stated on the joint conference held between him and the Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel “there is only one that I know in front of me” and that he only cares about Israel.

The women and children in Syria face unbearable human crisis with million more lives in stake. The pep talk during various events prove to be of little help in the plight of the devastated Syrian civilians. The event has caused outrage and criticism worldwide against the Syrian governments use of the chemical weapon. The event was followed the United States striking dozens of missiles in Syria, in response to the Syrian government’s chemical weapons attack, which killed more than 80 civilians. Nikki R. Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nation clarified that if United Nations does not take appropriate action on the recent events in Syria then the United States will respond individually. She went on to address “the corruption within Human rights Council” and stated, “there will be actions taken against President Bashar al-Assad despite Russia’s backing.”

Suraj Gamal is a student of International Relations at North Lake College, Texas, USA.


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