No. 1 For Nepal On Guardian’s 10 Countries That Should Be On Your Itinerary!

Whenever it gets too much… whether it’s work or the lack of work or the dust, all you have to do is to get yourself out of the city, out of your routine and head for the mountains to fall in love again with life. I’ve used the word ‘stunning’ one too many times to describe travel videos of Nepal but it really is and words fail me when I have to write a blogpost about such videos. On the subject of travel, Nepal also made it on The Guardian’s 10 Countries That Should Be On Your Itinerary, coming in at Number 1. They’ve got it right when they say “it is an inspiring moment to visit the country”. Those of you who live away from Nepal, book your ticket to Nepal already.

Right now, I’ve two friends travelling in Nepal and I am constantly looking out for their social media updates to see how they are getting on, to see if they’re enjoying the excursions and the sights. I hope more friends, Nepalis and non-Nepalis, travel from East to West, North to South, capture photos, listen to stories and bring nothing back but memories.

The video from NEPAL 360 captures the journey of the Mardi Himal Trek. The five-day trek is slowly gaining popularity and this video showcases exactly why! I love the closing scene from the lodge, the stunning views of the mountain… Bliss.

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Lex Limbu
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