LAPPAN CHAPPAN In VUE Cinemas Birmingham Doncaster Aberdeen Cardiff And York!

Saugat Malla and Dayahang Rai starrer LAPPAN CHAPPAN will be screening at the VUE Cinemas in Birmingham, Doncaster, Aberdeen, Cardiff and York. The crime drama, currently on its second weekend of screening in the UK showcases Saugat Malla as Banka, a criminal mastermind based in Belgium.

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With the distribution by 32 Box in partner with Highlights Nepal with the support of International Nepalese Film Academy UK, the film has a confirmed screening in Aldershot on May 7th and Harrow on 13th May. Tickets for the VUE Screening can be booked directly on


Sunday April 30 – 6PM


Sunday April 30 – 6PM. Monday May 1 – 6PM


Sunday April 30 – 6PM. Monday May 1 – 6PM

VUE – Birmingham

Sunday April 30 – 6PM


Sunday April 30 – 6PM. Monday May 1 – 6PM

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