Melina Rai And Rewat Rai Prepare For Everest Musical Blast UK Tour!

Singer Rewat Rai

With many hits under her belt including the popular Siraima Sirbandi and Kammar Mathi Patuki, singer Melina Rai is ready to tour the UK once again. Melina will be joined by Rewat Rai during the “Everest Musical Blast” tour. The musically gifted Rewat Rai was discovered in the TV contest show Khoji Prativa Ko 2. Joining the singers from Nepal will be Gomza Lama from the UK who is known for the popular hit ‘Cable Car’ and the winner of UK Dance Off 2016 Jenny Sunuwar. New performers to join the talented troupe will be dancers Mira Phagami and Sashi Gurung.

The event by EMedia Hub will take place at the Empire Hall in Aldershot on May 20th from 6PM onwards. The show will travel to the South Harrow Football Club on 26th of May, Hawkinge Community Centre in Folkestone on 27th of May. The hosts for the three dates will be myself and Miss UK Nepal 2014 Nia Dewan (Miss Dewan will only host Aldershot and Harrow). The show will also travel to Winchester on the 4th of June and Nuneaton on the 10th of June.

Tickets start at £12: Call 07979690378 or 07908078152.

Siraima Sirbandi by Melina Rai

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