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Miruna Magar Shilpa Maskey And Jenny Sunuwar Shine In JAY AUTHOR’S On Time MV!

There we were comfortably sat inside the comforts of the air-conditioned restaurant in Mahendranagar as I steered the conversation towards Jay Author's latest release ON TIME. The UK based Nepalese musician had...

JAY AUTHOR Drops Video Teaser For ON TIME!

The JUICE x BACARDI singer is not playing with us. JAY AUTHOR has teased us with ON TIME video and it looks gorgeous! I'm gonna go there and say it - the...

Everest Musical Blast Travels To Harrow and Hawkinge!

E-Media Hub UK's EVEREST MUSICAL BLAST Tour kicked off at The Empire in Aldershot on Saturday May 20 and the concert travelled to Harrow on May 26 and Hawkinge on May 27....

Melina Rai And Rewat Rai Prepare For Everest Musical Blast UK Tour!

With many hits under her belt including the popular Siraima Sirbandi and Kammar Mathi Patuki, singer Melina Rai is ready to tour the UK once again. Melina will be joined by Rewat...

Here’s How Priyanka Karki Slayed The UK Dance Off 2016!

Proving that she's the ultimate entertainer, actress Priyanka Karki slayed the stage at the UK Dance Off in Farnborough on Sunday evening! I have to say, the stage set-up is pretty impressive...

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