Miruna Magar Shilpa Maskey And Jenny Sunuwar Shine In JAY AUTHOR’S On Time MV!

There we were comfortably sat inside the comforts of the air-conditioned restaurant in Mahendranagar as I steered the conversation towards Jay Author‘s latest release ON TIME. The UK based Nepalese musician had been teasing the song lately by sharing a spectacular teaser created by the Art In Motion team. Coincidentally, that was the very day of the release of the video on YouTube. As we watched ON TIME by Jay Author featuring The Redface x Don Dee, we were left speechless by the video. Even in the present day, there are so many Nepali musicians that make listeners feel uneasy with their music… and that ranges from lyrics, style to their general approach towards their craft. Jay Author, yet again seamlessly blends into the world beyond Nepali R&B and Hip-Hop. With ON TIME, he has beautifully fused elements of East, West and the Global as he finds solace in the support of musicians The Redface x Don Dee.

The ladies featured in the music video, Miruna Magar happens to be a well known Nepali personality in the UK. Magar has completed filming for Lal Purja and Laure in Nepal. The UK based upcoming Nepali actress is awaiting the release of her films whilst Shilpa Maskey is currently in Nepal tied up with her Nepali cinema debut with BREAKUP alongside Aashirman DS Joshi. The lady in green, Jenny Sunuwar is the winner of UK Dance Off 2016 who has a strong passion for dancing.

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  1. Nepalese traditional attire to blend in English R&B or RAP is not big issue and nothing to do with it. Context of this video I don’t find pretty well matching with lyrics and current of Atlantic coast of the English territory.

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