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Twenty year old Miruna Magar is a familiar face within the growing Nepali community in the UK. The student of Sociology is currently on her third year at Bunel University in London. Miruna has slowly become a face of Nepali events ever since she first hosted the Miss UK Nepal show back in 2011. Since then, the twenty year old has gone on to host several events including The Show by The Signaturee.

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Her recent visit to Nepal in the summer of 2014 came after six years. Miruna was part of the Childreach International project BIG BUILD Nepal. Accompanying international volunteers, the young MC was based in a small village near Sankhu to help build an early childhood development centre. Sharing about her experience, Miruna addedEven though I have lived in Nepal before, it was my first time living in a village and I got to do all sorts of tasks such as carrying bricks, levelling the playground (like baari khaneko), painting, breaking stones, etc. It was an eye opening experience and I felt a deeper connection with Nepal and it has made my desire to go back Nepal even stronger”.

Looking ahead, Miruna would like to gain as much knowledge as possible so she could one day use it to contribute back in Nepal in any possible way. She mentions that she definitely looks forward to hosting more events, performing and being involved in the media.

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