RAMRI ALERT – Neelam Chand

It has indeed been a while since I found a fresh face for RAMRI ALERT. For many, this might be the first glimpse that you are seeing of twenty-three year old Neelam Chand. This beauty queen bagged the crown for Miss Global Nepal on August 8, 2012. Neelam had also participated at the Miss Nepal 2012 earlier this year. The bachelor student represented Nepal at the international pageant in Kingston, Jamaica on October.

Now, she is definitely ramri!

UPDATE: Neelam Chand is the currently the Navyaata Magazine cover girl for the December issue.

Neelam Chand on Navyaata

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  2. @lex fag – I just saw this, I can’t believe how racist you are, thought we wanted to leave this behind. I’m not even mongolian, and I care about everyone.

    I think it’s more like, no one cares about you.

    Lex, keep what you’re doing, you’re impartiality and apolitical features is refreshing and is much needed in our society.

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