Prabal Gurung Talks American Passport, Bullies And More With BBC Nepali

New York based fashion designer Prabal Gurung is often discussing fashion, women, representation and body image with the leading fashion magazines and websites across the world but in a rare occurrence, he recently took some time out to chat to Fadindra Dahal from BBC Nepali. Gurung candidly spoke about his decision to opt for an American citizenship which unsurprisingly generated quite a difference in opinion. Prabal spoke about the difficulties in doing business and travelling with a Nepali passport whilst being based in USA. Prabal has single-handedly done so much in spreading the name of Nepal overseas as well as bringing light to Nepal through his work and Shikshya Foundation Nepal, it’s absurd that there are people who question his identity and belonging based on his decision to opt for an American passport.

The thirty-eight year old designer spoke about the challenges of being different and going to an all-boys school during his younger years in Kathmandu. Prabal has repeatedly talked about his bond with his mother and it’s incredible how much of a loving and accepting person and mother she is; who chose to not compare Prabal with his brother and let him be the way he was. I just hope that there are many more parents with similar attributes to Prabal’s mum, who will let their children grow up to be the person they choose to be and not around a wall of comparison and ambitions that are not theirs.

The interview makes for quite an inspiring read with Prabal giving some hard-advice to aspiring fashion designers as well as talking about his career highlights, working in Nepal and his charity Shikshya Foundation Nepal.


Go Prabal!

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