The JUICE x BACARDI singer is not playing with us. JAY AUTHOR has teased us with ON TIME video and it looks gorgeous! I’m gonna go there and say it – the teaser alone looks better than the JUICE x BACARDI video! Whilst I knew that Miruna Magar would be in the video, it was such a delight to see Shilpa Maskey and Jenny Sunuwar. These beautiful Nepali women really know how to work the camera. The R&B song features The Redface & Don Dee with the video by Zac Rai.

Jay Author’s Summer Interlude is available, pretty much everywhere. If you still haven’t heard JUICE x BACARDI by now then you need to go and listen to it right now. It’s pretty dope! On that note, I hope it’ll be no time until ON TIME 😉


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