Everest Musical Blast Kicks Off At Aldershot

E-Media Hub UK’s Everest Musical Blast Tour kicked off at The Empire in Aldershot on May 20. The tour featured the very well known Siraima Sirbandhi singer Melina Rai and the rising singer Rewat Rai from Nepal along with singers Gomza Lama, Kishore Pun, dancers Mira Phagami, Sashi Gurung and Jenny Sunuwar. The hosts for the event were Miss UK Nepal 2014 Nia Dewan and myself. The event turned out to surpass my expectation with a packed venue and quite an engaging crowd. Furthermore, the performances by the singers and dancers definitely gave a blast!

Everest Musical Tour will travel to South Harrow Football Club on Friday 26th May and then to Hawkinge on Saturday 27th May. I will only be hosting those two upcoming dates.


E-Media Hub Member/Singer Kishore Pun

Dancer Jenny Sunuwar

Dancer Mira Phagami

Singer Rewat Rai


Singer Melina Rai

Singer Gomza Lama

Black Summer Nepali Film Team

Nia Dewan and myself.

Dancer Sashi Gurung

E-Media Hub UK also announced their future event Everest Idol at the event in Aldershot. The applications for Everest Idol is available online and the grand event will take place at the end of October.

Photo: EMedia Hub

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