JATAYU RECORDS Cover Of Ed Sheeran’s SHAPE OF YOU Is Everything!

This may just be the best cover of Ed Sheeran’s global smash SHAPE OF YOU that I’ve heard of! The cover by JATAYU RECORDS is one that will spiritually enlighten your sense of sound as pop music is smoothly fused with traditional Nepali instruments sarangi, tabla and madal. Jatayu Records previous cover of Let Me Love You by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber was another example of an East and West fusion and I believe this SHAPE OF YOU cover is even better!

Incredible sound! Love how they still managed to spin the song and make it their own. Be proud of yourselves Jatayu Team!

On the talk of team, if you want to know who exactly are the talents behind this cover then feel free to discover the names below! Happy Listening!

Band : Jatayu Team
Vocalist : Palsang Lama
Arrange/Produced : Niran Dangol (a.k.a Phonic Engine)
Tabla/Madal: Nhuchhe Munikar
Sarangi : Samuyal Gandharba

Video Production : Nikesh Kakshapati and Amit Dangol
Audio Director : Niran Dangol ( Phonic Engine )
Lights and Sound : Nabin Maharjan ( DJ NVN )
Production and Marketing : Abin Shakya


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