Nepali Belieber Aishwarya Rai’s Justin Bieber Adventure In Mumbai

When the SORRY singer JUSTIN BIEBER performed in India last month, it had actors, models to politicians braving the heat to enjoy the Purpose World Tour. One super-fan from Nepal spoke to and shared about her solo journey from Nepal to India to see Justin Bieber live for the very first time. Aishwarya Rai a loyal Belieber, had made many friends from all over the world after their shared love for the What Do You Mean singer and it was her Indian Belieber friends that were with her for three days as they waited for the arrival of Justin Bieber at the airport in Mumbai.

The long wait outside the airport was not only a challenge but brought an air of confusion as Beliebers were unsure of the exact terminal that the singer would be arriving in. Unfortunately, Aishwarya had faced a big hurdle before arriving in Mumbai when it came to buying her concert ticket in Nepal. With the tickets in huge demand, Rai struggled to use the payment gateway from Nepal and it was only through the help of her friend that she was able to secure her ticket to see the grand concert. The concert was everything she expected and more. After securing a spot towards the front, the Belieber snapped away in dozens for memories, Instagram and Snapchat.

[Nepali Fans At Justin Bieber’s Mumbai Concert]

As we exchanged messages online talking about her Justin Bieber experience in Mumbai. Rai, from her hotel room in Mumbai shared that she has given over a dozen interviews already after journalists and TV reporters from India ran stories about Justin Bieber fans. A story of a fan coming all the way from Nepal and camping outside the airport certainly caught the interest as she saw her photo and story on publications such as MID-DAY. The super-fan now has the date 2017.5.10, the date of the Purpose concert inked on her arm followed by the text ‘Purpose’ to mark the momentous day.



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