Watch New Nepali Films On CinemaGhar APP!

Never has it been so easy to watch Nepali films on the go! The new CinemaGhar App lets you watch Nepali films on the go in high-definition for FREE! Available on Android and IOS, the CinemaGhar App releases one exclusive film every month for you to watch on the go. It’s super easy to navigate around and by turning your notifications ‘on’, you’ll receive an alert whenever a new film is added on the CinemaGhar App.

The newest film on the CinemaGhar App archive is THE WINNER starring Manchin Shakya and Malina Joshi. The action flick which was filmed in Dubai is already generating quite a number of views. JAY PARSHURAM and JANGA BAHADUR KO COAT are lined up to be added on the app!

The app brings Nepali films and short films to a central platform where you can watch without being distracted by other videos. Unlike many Nepali film viewing platforms, the app exclusively shares only HD quality films.

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Lex Limbu
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