Final Stock Of Gurkha Cross Khukuri Sekonda Watches Back In Stock!

The final stock of the limited edition Gurkha Cross Khukuri Sekonda watches are back in stock at Gurkha Bullions & Vault in Aldershot. With Father’s Day in the UK on Sunday 18th June, the new and final stock of one-hundred exclusive Gurkha Cross Khukuri Watches will definitely make the perfect present. The watch comes with the classic Khukuri Cross and “200 Years Of Service” written just under the 12′ on the dial. The limited edition Khukuri Cross Sekonda Gurkha watches are priced at £120 and come in a royal red wooden box. Each watch comes with a unique serial number displayed in the back of the dial making it a perfect collectors item.

The Gurkha Bullions and Vault is located on 92 Victoria Road, Aldershot and you can contact the team at 01252444385.

Get In Touch Via Whatsapp/Viber: whatsApp/viber-


Comedian Sandip Chettri with his Gurkha Watch

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