American Boxer Keith Thurman Jr Marries Priyana Thapa in Nepal

American pro’ boxer Keith Thurman Jr married his girlfriend Priyana Thapa in Kathmandu on 30th of June. According to USA Today, the current unified welterweight world champion met Priyana at a nightclub in Tokyo, Japan! Seems like the two hit it right off! The boxer surprised his 208,000+ followers on Instagram as he shared adorable photos of the couple and him in his traditional Nepalese groom attire.

Husband and Wife : Keith and Priyana

The boxer shared the news via Instagram!

The boxer shared his romantic side to USA Today as he spoke about how he wooed her during back and forth trips from America to Japan. Whilst he never saw himself settling down and getting married so soon, the champion knew that Priyana was the one for him. Such a cute story (read it here).

During his time in Nepal, the boxer also made time to interact with a group of Nepali boxers in Kathmandu at the Total Physical Fitness.

Instagram: keithonetimethurman

Instagram: keithonetimethurman

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