Will Dharan Airport Ever Materialise?

Though conversations around a proposed airport being constructed in the eastern city of Dharan has been going on for a while, a recent feasibility report of the proposed Dharan Airport is once again raising the hope of the residents of the bustling eastern city. Known for its wide-roads, fashionable young people and the British Gurkha population, Dharan has been viewed by many as a progressive city in the Eastern region of Nepal. The report by Realpath Engineering Consultancy forecasts the Dharan airport to have a 1250 meters long runway with the proposed location at Dadoghopa. The cost is estimated at Nrs 5.7 Billion. After receiving the proposal, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has initiated talks with Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City to provide the necessary land! Well well well, at this rate the talks definitely seem to be moving forward. Land procurement is definitely quite an uphill task though! A whopping Nrs 2.2 Billion alone from the Nrs 5.7 Billion is earmarked for land compensation. The proposed airport is said to accommodate aircraft as big as ATR42.

Well the news of an airport in Dharan is definitely a positive news! I am not familiar with the location but I really hope that the airport is located on the edge or outskirts of the city. Having an airport located close to the core of the city only presents immediate and long-term challenges whether they be environmental or social. (Read the full article on Republica).

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