Hotel Mulberry’s Instagram Worthy Infinity Pool

Whether it’s a new club or a new restaurant, loyalty seems to be missing when it comes to the social butterflies of Kathmandu. There were days when a certain Club would be the spot where every Tom, Dick and Harry would be seen and a Wednesday night would magically turn into a FriYAY night – until of course another new club appears with online promotions so effective that you find yourself once again, being swayed. For once, it’s not a club or a bar with an amazing interior. It’s the infinity pool at the new Hotel Mulberry in Thamel! The many who are glued to social media, particularly Instagram are probably very aware of the new spot in Kathmandu thanks to the visits by many beautiful ladies, models and larger than life personalities (on social media) whos photos etch on the borders of being ‘family friendly’.

Whilst I haven’t had the pleasure to visit the pool and the rooftop deck at the Hotel Mulberry, I can definitely say the view is quite something (judging by the photos purely). Seeing the stunning photos of the Mulberry pool, I am reminded of the Hotel Shambala Infinity Pool and can I just add that my memory of the barely large enough pool is rather unpleasant. But Hey, these infinity pools are perfect for the Instagram and on a hot day when you just want to dip in and sip your cocktail on the side! It’s another space to rock your hot bikini or tight-fitting summery swim shorts with plenty to show off. If you’re more of a swimmer then maybe it’s best to look elsewhere 😉

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Lex Limbu
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