In Loving Memory Of Nilu Doma Sherpa

The passing away of director Nilu Doma Sherpa has come as a huge shock to her family, friends and well wishers all over. As loved ones hold onto memories of and with Nilu, we are all once again reminded how unpredictable the course of life really is. The friends, family and strangers that we exchange smiles with today are never guaranteed to be here tomorrow. From family, friends to strangers, many spoke about the ability of Nilu to bring light into the room; her expression, confidence and sass could not be ignored. For the shy, anxious or those still confused with their sexual identity, Nilu Doma’s unapologetic stance towards LGBTI/Q issues was one that I believe had an impact on many. Through observation, I could see that she was her true-self and being herself came naturally to her. I admired that and her departure is a huge loss to the LGBTI/Q community in Nepal.

Nilu, will live in the memories of the lives that she touched. I hope you are in a space where you are happy, smiling and spreading the colours of pride. See you again one day…

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Lex Limbu
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