Friday To Friyay With DJ PAUL DAREY At Club Deja Vu!

If there’s one thing that the people of Kathmandu are consistent with then that’s their love for Friday Nights! Those who are out and about take their #TGIF mantra seriously. As more restaurants, bars and clubs pop up and disappear, there has never been a better time to be going out in the capital city. Of course, it’s a bonus when DJ’s from across the globe and well-known TV personalities make club appearances in the cosy city. This Friday or shall I say, FriYAY will definitely be just that at the city’s Club Deja Vu with renowned DJ PAUL DAREY! He’s swapping his beachy location of IBIZA for the madness that is Kathmandu for one night only.

The event by Optimal International Events and Sumit Kithania will see DJ PAUL DAREY as well as DJ ASHIM and DJ SIN from India, DJ KALPIT from Nepal and the vivacious Anupama Aura Gurung as the host! Now that’s a killer combination. Make sure you brave the tequila’s as you’re guaranteed to dance the night away in the presence of these music and event maestro’s from Spain, India and Nepal.

Get your tickets! Doors open at 7PM!

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Lex Limbu
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