Getting Up Close With Red Pandas In THE FORGOTTEN PANDA Film

The elusive Red Pandas have been captured in the most magnificent manner in the short-film The Forgotten Panda. The red pandas which are found in the high hills across different parts of Nepal, India and Bhutan have been captured up close in their natural habitat as they feast away on bamboo and literally sleep through most of the day. The fifteen minute film features a large chunk of footage from red panda habitats from Ilam. The video by behavioural scientist Dr. Axel Gebauer, a former zoo director of Germany’s Görlitz Zoo arrives at a time when red pandas have been vulnerable to poachers. A report by OnwardNepal in late July shed light on the illegal red panda trade in the country despite there being no clear market.

Dr Axel is correct! They really are one of the most beautiful animals.

The Forgotten Panda from Axel Gebauer WildlifeFilm&Photo on Vimeo.

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