Heli-Air Nepal Soon In Pokhara Skies!

Heli-Air Nepal, South Asia’s only gyrocopter operator will soon take the skies in Pokhara from the first week of September. Offering an incredible birds eye view from the glass-cockpit, Heli-Air Nepal is offering packages for scenic flights around Pokhara, the Annapurnas and Balewa. The gyrocopter, sits somewhere between a helicopter and an ultra-light aircraft and the company has confidently stated that it will be the best mountain flight experience. I guess we’ll have to experience it to believe it.

The company is currently offering five packages under its adventure flights:

  1. Discover Pokhara – a 15 minute flight above Pokhara for NRS 15,000
  2. Gateway to Mountains – this 30 minute flight goes beyond Pokhara, reaching the foot hills of Mt Fishtail and the Annapurna Range for NRS 25,000
  3. The Great Himalayan Trails – available in three routes, this sky trek will let you follow the popular trekking routes of Annapurnas. The experience lasts 60 minutes for NRS 40,000
  4. Incredible Mountain Flight – including the previous three packages, this exclusive experience offers your personal journey to the mountains for 90 minutes for a cool NRS 55,000.
  5. Alpine Tour – this experience offers mountain flight and a stop-off at Balewa airport for tea and a close air visit to ancient village communities from the sky. The flight lasts two hours and comes at over $690 USD.

The company hopes to add additional services in the near future and also provide air-taxi service using its gyrocopters for people living in the different cities of Nepal. I hope they provide a quality experience and take safety as a priority for their passengers as well as for their reputation.

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