Aerial View Of Rupakot Resort
PHOTO: Rupakot Resort

Panorama Restaurant (Inside)
PHOTO: Rupakot Resort

As more people travel across the country and to Nepal, I thought this would be the perfect time to share about my experience at the Rupakot Resort. With the upcoming peak tourist season only days away, Rupakot Resort in Kaski makes for a suitable getaway for those living in Kathmandu and Pokhara as well as tourists who prefer the finer things in life. It also doubles up as a great treat especially after completing one of the many arduous treks around the Annapurna Range. The exquisite property occupies 25 acres of a hill with 42 deluxe rooms which come equipped with basically, everything you need.


Whilst I was slightly apprehensive about the visit in the beginning, I quickly warmed up to Rupakot Resort. I worried about being bored during my one night stay. I thought to myself, it’s a luxury resort on a hill, what else? Thankfully, my time spent at the resort was jam-packed as I managed to visit a nearby Muslim Village ‘Miya Gaun’ located about 15 minutes away from the resort. I also managed to visit the Masjid (mosque) of Miya Gaun and speak to the scholar and few local residents. What’s a visit to Rupakot without visiting Rupa Tal right? We did exactly that by visting Rupa Tal and enjoying the stillness of the surrounding.

The Panorama restaurant will undoubtedly be the focal point of many peoples stay. On a clear day, you have a panoramic view of the Annapurna Range, the hills and Rupa Lake and Begnas Lake! The outdoor seating area is a perfect place to sip a drink, read a book and enjoy being in a true oasis. With the spa, meditation and yoga centre in operation now, Rupakot Resort has plenty to offer in and outside its premises. Friendly staff will greet you along the way and you’ll most probably even bump into the chairman and managing director Mr Pushpa Raj Adhikari, who is the brains behind the resort. Mr Adhikari is a Nepali based in Belgium who now splits his time between the two countries.

Rupakot Resort may be on the steep side when it comes to its room rate and food and beverage fees but it’s well worth it. It’s a massive property, providing experience unmatched and ideal for small groups, couples and families.


My Cousins Sister And Bhanji,

Casually Looking Away Pose…

Mojito With A View!

Oh Hi. This Is Me.

What Problems?

View From The Room Balcony #Goals

Yep! Totally In Awe Of The View Behind Me.

The Masjid Of Miya Gau

Natural Beauty And A Man-Made Beauty!

Taken From Rupakot Mandir Side.

A Refreshing Early Morning Dip!

Another Perspective On Rupa Lake

My Bhanji

Lunch With A View!

The Glorious Rupa Lake

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