A Short Film About Suicide – World Mental Health Day 2017

Ramailo Zindagi, a team of IT and multimedia enthusiasts have brought out a timely video marking World Mental Health Day 2017. The fresh upload is a Short Awareness Film About Suicide that lasts just more than two minutes. With more reports of people suffering from mental illness in the present, depression and suicide is becoming a major killer. Unfortunately, depression and suicide is still not taken as seriously or with urgency as required. There are several suicide cases of well-known celebrities, in the West and in Nepal too where we are once again reminded that life may not be all that it seems for many of us. As the video says, it is SO important for us to open up, for us to think beyond ourselves. Likewise, we need to be more alert and observant with our family members and friends.


Thank you to Ramailo Zindagi for sharing this meaningful video to add more awareness on World Mental Health Day. When you approach life, one step at a time and construct that future that you wish to be part of… zindagi is indeed ramailo.

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