Conference Of The Birds At Shilpee Theatre

Based on Farid ud-Din Attar’s noted literature The Conference of The Birds, the new play at Shilpee Theatre in Kathmandu has been directed by Deeya Maskey. The play which has been dramatised by Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carrier begins as the birds gather to find their king. The Conference of Birds (Chara Haruko Sammelan) began playing at the Shilpee Theatre in Battisputali from 6th October and will continue till 18th October with daily shows at 5.15PM (except Tuesday) and a matinee show on a Saturday at 1PM. The Actors Studio has announced the play will receive a second set of dates as part of its second running from 22nd October to 28th October (for tickets: 9851223023)

Having acted in theatre and cinema in the past, Conference of the Birds is a first for Deeya in the role of a director. Slightly unfortunate that I couldn’t make time to go watch the play but it looks like it’s a concept that will entice the audience. Let me know what you make of it.

Photo: Sushan Prajapati

Photo: Sushan Prajapati

Photo: Sushan Prajapati

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