The AXIX BAND dropped their music video for Saat Samundra Pari which sees several characters getting on with their 9-5 jobs and struggling to end their shifts whilst remembering lighter moments and loved ones ‘saat samundra pari’. The music video features Nepalis living in Australia and has been directed by Sunod Shrestha.

It’s a nice video for a nice song. On a different note, I’d love to see more uplifting songs or songs that talk about the hardship that people go through everyday but also celebrate living everyday and having the weekends, holidays and family/friends to look forward to. Hopefully, music videos for such videos can be complimented with videos where we see the characters working their 12 hour shift etc. and then rushing to the city to enjoy their night out or partying with friends etc. I’m having this mini-rant because at times I find too many things focusing on the sad things, the suffering and how life is just dukha all the time. Hmm. Okay. Off-topic and signing out.

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