Priyanka Karki Arrives In UK For HAPPY DAYS Premiere!

Actress Priyanka Karki arrived at the London Heathrow Airport on Sunday morning for the HAPPY DAYS UK premiere. The actress appears alongside Dayahang Rai and Sanjay Gupta in the love story directed by Milan Chams. Karki who is currently riding on the high after the back-to-back success of Chakka Panja 2 and Fatteko Jutta is hopeful that HAPPY DAYS will be received well in the UK. HAPPY DAYS has largely been filmed in the UK and features many aspiring and experienced actors from the Nepali diaspora in the UK.

With the two songs from HAPPY DAYS already gaining popularity, we’ll have to wait for the full theatrical trailer to get a better idea of the film. The Milan Chams film will be released in Nepal on 26th January. The UK premiere takes place at the Princes Hall from 2PM onwards today in Aldershot.

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