Captive vultures (tagged in yellow) enjoy a meal with the wild vultures. (PHOTO: RAJENDRA GURUNG)

Six captive-reared critically endangered white-rumped vultures will now make the wilderness their home. The milestone moment for Bird Conservation Nepal took place on the 9th of November, making it the first ever release of captive-reared critically endangered birds in South Asia! Multiple organisations had been working together to clear the surrounding habitat of the painkiller diclofenac, a drug which proves fatal to the vultures. With the area finally deemed safe from the drug, it was time for the vultures to fly out and into the wild.

The organisation will be tracking the newly released vultures through the solar-powered satellite tag to understand how the vultures behave in the wild. If you love vultures then you might be excited to know that there are several Vulture Restaurants in Nepal – and no, you won’t be eating them but these restaurants feed the vultures. So cool.

Definitely need more stories like these!

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