Second Place For TEAM NEPAL At Medical University Pleven International Day in Bulgaria

Nepali medical students in Bulgaria managed to display a glimpse of Nepal through their performance and come second place at this years Medical University Pleven (MUPleven) International Day on November 11. The International Day sees students from different countries represent their nation through a stage performance, food and a stall display. TEAM NEPAL led by Dipen Limbu performed on stage with the theme being Kumari and Lakhe. It’s pretty spectacular to see the Lakhe masks and the outfits which the girls wore’… looks like the team are pretty well equipped!

I loved their song selection and how it was so entertaining. The girls began with the classic Gairi Khet Ko, followed by Sur Ma Sur Milai, Nylon Ko Sari with the help of the boys, Pauju Ko Cham Cham, Mai Nache Cham Cham, Thamel Bazaar and concluded with Kale Dai with everyone back on stage!

With the Kumari accessories all made by the team themselves, the Lakhe attire and mask was from Newari Samaj UK. The Nepal stall displayed Dharahara, Swayambhunath, Patan and Kumari’s shrine. A selection of Nepalese dishes from colourful momos, khapse to bhate jaad was also on offer.

Congratulations to the team! It felt like I was watching a spectacle and I’m sure it felt like that and even more for those seeing their first glimpse of Nepal through your performance. Woop Woop!

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Lex Limbu
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