Watch Ayushman Joshi Reacting To Negative Comments

Ayushman Joshi talking about “chuseko aap” is pretty much everything! That is not the only thing he addresses in this new negative comments reaction video from Paradygm TV. The Chapali Height 2 actor recently returned from Mumbai and is seen sharing his views on peoples really really mean comments on his acting, singing, relationship with Priyanka Karki, his family to the way he speaks!

When Ayushman spoke about the way Nepali is spoken, I totally agreed with where he was getting at. Schools want you to speak English everywhere and some punish if they hear you speak Nepali – oh the irony! All in all, I felt that this reaction video was a very honest and mature piece by the actor and model. Whilst I have not seen his debut film or heard much of his music, I know that the amount of negativity that he receives is simply unnecessary. The way he has expressed himself and justified his actions or peoples assumptions is admirable.

Loved how unaffected he is by people calling him “chakka” – because – being gay is fabulous. Enjoy the video!

PS. OMG last ko part with all the gifts – felt like it was Dashain / Christmas. First time testo dekheko hai. Lol.

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