Nepali author Buddhi Sagar’s popular book KARNALI BLUES will soon be translated in English. The Nepali book by Sagar follows the tale of a mischievous young boy through the different stages of his life. Chronicled on his relationship with his parents, the novel is a coming of age tale set in Matera of Kailali District before moving to other villages. The author was also born in the district. The author shared a photo alongside Michael Hutt, a well known Professor of Nepali and Himalayan Studies at the School of Oriental And African Studies and shared the caption “कर्नाली ब्लुज अंग्रेजीमा छ कि छैन? प्रश्न धेरै सुनेँ। बल्ल उत्तर पाएँ- केही समयमा अंग्रेजीमा पनि हुने छ। प्रोफेसर माइकल हटले अनुबाद गर्दै हुनुहुन्छ। खुशीको खबर।

I recently completed reading the book and I am sure those that enjoy novels will enjoy Karnali Blues too. If of course you are like myself and find it easier to read in English then I guess you’ll be delighted with the news of this translation. Then again, reading in Nepali is always a great way to improve your reading. Keep reading 🙂

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