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With the pool of talent increasing by the day, I am sure there’s many like me who want to learn more about a certain personality, celebrity or an online influencer but there simply is no place available to get that information. As LinkedIn profiles replace CV’s and virtual video auditions become more common, it’s no surprise that more and more people are creating their own personal websites. Owning a website may have been the territory of businesses in the early days but as we approach 2018, a website for every person seems to be the need of the hour. It can serve as your online autobiography and depending on your profession, a direct access for your clients. As more start-ups spring up to serve the web needs of the everyday user, CONTENTDER arrives packaged as an all you need website developing platform perfect for beginners to the experienced.

Whether you’re a model, aspiring actor or you’re selling travel packages of the Himalayas, the family of templates available at CONTENTDER aims to serve the needs of the personal and the professional. In simple terms, the website building platform is available in three packages with each offering unique features. The free package is ideal for test use and beginners before you opt for the one with more features. As websites play a significant part in building a brand and an online presence, Contentder aims to be the preferred platform for businesses and people with its user-friendly interface, easy drag and drop features and 24/7 online support.

Since APPS are an obsession of the millennials and beyond (Hello Kim Kardashian?), Contentder is developing efficient tools to launch mobile apps for businesses and your personal website all in a click! For the emerging online celebrity, a mobile app is often a lucrative space to gather a core fanbase. With the in-built features from social media management, SEO tools and analytics report, Contentder aims to support its users in staying on top of their game. An Instagram friendly web design to one which will give enough room to your life achievements, the website builder has a wide range of impressive templates to choose from.

Though Contentder is a heaven for those who have no experience in coding or anything too technical regarding websites, the platform offers an entire section for developers and designers where they can actively play a key role in improving the user experience. If you’re a public personality and have been thinking that Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are too limited to share your background then it’s high time you let your fans and followers access a better platform for them to get to really know you and of course, for people and potential employees to fully see your collection of work and experiences.

Contentder is available for you and a simple sign up is where it all starts. All you need to do is go to website, click on the login button , fill in your details and get started.



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