Miruna Magar’s Ten Memorable Moments From LAL PURJA

With a number of music videos already under her belt and training from Anup Baral’s Actors Studio, London based Miruna Magar is ready for the world to watch her debut film LAL PURJA. The Sociology graduate from Brunel University stumbled upon theatre and acting after her planned volunteering at a charity in Kathmandu didn’t go as expected. Magar who belongs in a small yet steadily increasing group of Nepalis from the UK entering the world of cinema in Nepal is clear on the type of work that she wishes to be associated with and shows much maturity to when I first met her in 2011.

Whilst her beautiful appearance may be what makes her noticeable, it is her subtle yet serious personality that tells that she’s here to work and only work. With the release date approaching on Magh 4 (JAN 18), Miruna will return to Nepal for the publicity and release of the film which sees her starring alongside notable names from Nepali cinema.

I sat down with Miruna to share her ten memorable moments from LAL PURJA.


  • Most exciting and most memorable moment would definitely be sharing the screen with acting legends such as Harihar sir, Saugat dai, Bipin dai, Menuka didi, Kameshwor dai, Mishri Aama, and more.
  • There were a lot of scenes were I was required to ride the bike and I only got to learn it for bout 5 mins. It was scary!
  • Getting the chance to visit Kaulepaani, Lamjung! One of the most beautiful villages I have ever been to and the people were so kind and welcoming. We received an amazing welcome and farewell as well.
  • Our shoot happened during Dashain so I got the chance to ride the wooden rote-ping! Exciting yet SCARY!
  • I got ill during the shoot because of the weather changes and was offered Nepali style medicine: Jhaikhatte (Rice and Local Nepali Raksi). In fact, so many villagers offered so many different kinds of home remedies such as poleko amala, poleko aduwa, bel ko dana poleko and what not.
  • The bus ride to Kaulepaani was very scary as the roads were so small and rough.

  • Menuka didi and me choreographed the Miteri Anthem song and we had the most fun shooting for that song!
  • Even on days when we didn’t have filming, Menuka didi and I would wake up really early to watch the sunrise and we used to go sightseeing around the village.
  • There was a scene where I was tied to the camera crane and was lifted really high up. It was super funny but risky at the same time.
  • Our last scene was shot at Siddha Gufa near Bandipur and it was full of bats so we had to be really careful not to disturb them. It was exciting yet scary.

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