Jay Author and Aizen

After their massive performance at December Madness in London on Saturday, JAY AUTHOR and AIZEN will be performing in New York for New Years’ Eve! The Nepali rapper and musician who have enjoyed success in 2017 will be in a line-up alongside Manas Ghale aka Loorey from Nepal and Baba G Society from New York. The party at 4PLAY has been organised by Lights Out Entertainment and Lachhin Foundation Inc.

With Shape of You Nepali remix to Juice x Bacardi, both Jay and Aizen bring incredible energy on stage and the ability to liven up the crowd wherever they go. Aizen’s remix of Shape of You which also samples Nima Rumba’s Au Auna and the more recent Harpal from Aastha Band not only tap on nostalgia to win the crowd over but is also introducing these popular Nepali songs to many young Nepalese in the UK who have grown up away from listening to the old Nepali pop hits.

Super excited for these guys to perform in New York!

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