Sarun Tamrakar Talks Mental Health And Shares JALI KHEL Video

“I did not know the meaning of the word “suicide” until 1994 when one of my favourite singer/songwriter “Kurt Cobain” took his own life” says SARUN TAMRAKAR. Well known as the musician from The Uglyz, the Sydney based Tamrakar has released ‘Jali Khel’ with his new band KINA from Australia. With millions of peoples anticipation for the new year always high, KINA have shared their debut single ‘Jali Khel’ to pay tribute to those who are suffering from mental illness, depression and anxiety.

The Sydney band consists of Sarun on vocals and guitar, Samal on lead guitar, Dipesh on drums and Nishan on bass guitar. With lyrics that search for identity and cry for freedom from distressing thoughts of the mind, JALI KHEL starts smooth and builds onto a chorus that indeed packs a punch. Ingeniously, the music video supports the lyrics as the woman finds the lines blurring between the reality and the thoughts from within.

Sarun who broke into Nepali pop culture with Audai Jadai from The Uglyz around 2004-5 shares “When I was young I did not know mental health, depression, anxiety were a kind of illness. I may have put people with such illnesses into a basket of category “Pagal” and ignored to interact or care. This was due to my ignorance and partly due to how the word “Pagal” is mis-interpreted in our society. There is a guilt somewhere inside me which was built by my ignorance and I always wanted to voice it and use it as an opportunity to share my ignorance to others as an awareness”.

When Tamrakar wrote the lyrics for Jali Khel, he tried best to write from the perspective of someone suffering from mental health. He is quick to acknowledge that mental health affects people in different ways but hopes that through the song he is able to spread to listeners that it is okay to have such emotions. Before Sarun takes his leave, he adds “It is okay to share about your condition or feelings to rest of your family and friends, do not be held back by stigma and what people may think because you only get one chance in life and it’s worth living in your own terms”. The KINA vocalist is quick to add “I just want to send a request to everyone – people with mental illness can be found in our family and friend circle. Let’s not put them in one category and name them “Pagal” and ignore them but show them our love, support, care and guide to any appropriate professional help, it’s a hand we should extend for their journey to recovery”.

KINA Bands JALI KHEL is now available to listen and watch on YouTube.

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