ANNOUNCED: NAREN LIMBU At Nepali Music Festival UK 2018

The teasing of the Nepali Music Festival UK 2018 is officially over with the announcement by Gurkha Warriors that NAREN LIMBU will headline the music event in London later this year. The Nepali Music Festival UK will be held at the Electric in Brixton, London on 12th May. With NAREN LIMBU confirmed, fans can expect to hear from the musician who also doubles up to be one-half of the very popular Aastha Band. The creative Limbu has worked as a director for many music videos and will soon be featured in the Nepali film LAURE. At the Nepali Music Festival UK 2018, some of his hits that fans can expect to hear range from Vanna Audaina, Suna, Aatma, K Saro Vako to Aatma!

Naren’s super cute The Phone Song makes an adorable watch and listen. The video also happens to feature my favourite – Miruna Magar. There are so many favourites from Mr Limbu! Aatma is my classic favourite but SUNA (listen to it below) is like pretty amazing! Such feel good songs! Can’t wait to see him and see who else will be performing at the music festival here in London.

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