2018 marks the fifth edition of Tracing Nepal and we have quite an itinerary prepared for our team members. This year, the unique travel experience will be collaborating with Children and Youth First (CYF) and Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART) followed by an escape to the majestic Mustang to conclude the trip. The travel program aimed at Nepalis residing outside of Nepal was created with a mission to reconnect and encourage skill and ideas exchange. With a focus on photography, the first leg at Children and Youth First will see team members work alongside the students to capture their journey as well as receiving the basic of photography. This year marks the third collaboration between Tracing Nepal and Children and Youth First. The Tracing Nepal Scholarship was established in 2016 and currently supports the education and boarding of one student at Children and Youth First.


The two-week long travel experience kicks off in Kathmandu from September 3 and will finish back in Kathmandu on September 16. Following the first leg with CYF, the team will travel to the lake city of Pokhara for their time with Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust. At HART, team members will have to brainstorm ideas to promote the work of HART and spread the news about the free dog clinic. With ample opportunities to meet some friendly dogs and learn about the work of HART, the second leg will conclude with a walkathon and a relaxing stay at the Annapurna Eco-Village. The final leg will see the Tracing Nepal 2018 team explore Mustang and visit the ancient settlements.

The entire trip costs £500 Great British Pounds per person and covers the food, accommodation and transport for the entire two weeks as well as the fee going towards the charities. If you are 18 or over, Nepali living outside of Nepal and up for an adventure this September then give Tracing Nepal a go! Applications are open already and will close on March 8th!


  • Team members aged 18 and over
  • Nepalis living outside of Nepal or of Nepalese heritage
  • Someone who loves an adventure, is ready to rough it up, is flexible and open to learning
  • An individual who is okay with eating Dal-Bhat for majority of the trip and sleep in basic conditions; if you’re up for the challenge then we want you!
  • Unique skills are a bonus; can you sing? Dance? Play the guitar? Football? Dodge-ball? A chess king? Story Teller? Or Ludo? Don’t forget to tell us about yourself when you send in your application!
  • As much as this experience is about you and Nepal, it is also about you and the people who you will be spending the 14 days with; we love a team player!

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