Countdown Till JOON FESTIVAL 2018 in UK!

In less than two weeks, thousands of music lovers will flock to the Dummer Down Farm in Basingstoke (UK) to attend JOON FESTIVAL 2018. The music festival by Parcha and BFEST is making a return after creating a huge bang in 2017 at the Wembley SSE Arena! This years line-up sees Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh, Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band, Neetesh Jung Kunwar, Diwas Gurung, HAAMI, Yodda and Zantogola!

With musicians from Nepal, UK and USA – this years JOON FESTIVAL is expected to draw crowds from UK, Europe and America! The event on Saturday 16th June will be taking place outdoors. So, folks – make sure you keep your fingers crossed and pray for no rain! The festival which is open for all ages will provide more than music! You can expect different business stalls, food, live DJ set and more! Don’t forget to take that all important ‘cash’.

Standard tickets are £35 and can be purchased online. The event will run between 12PM to 9PM in the evening.

PS. Sabin Rai – needs to sing KINAKI MA MAYA GARCHU – that song is EVERYTHING! Watch the performance below!

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