Malvika Gets Real On Romance, Attempting Suicide And Work!

Though a few months old already, this MALVIKA SUBBA interview is as real as it gets! The media personality gets real with Oshin Sitaula on M&S VMAG’s Tete-A-Tete with Oshin Sitaula. The Miss Nepal who’s known for her strong personality leaves viewers with many memorable moments as she discusses her personal battles and also reveals the moment when she attempted suicide. Having an incredibly visible figure talking about mental health and giving advice regarding it needs to be celebrated.

Malvika also gets real about working in her 30’s! We’d all love to always follow our passion and do what WE, love, as per our CHOICES but Miss Subba breaks it down and shares that there’s a balance between working because she loves to and working because she needs to; thinking about her family and her son in mind. I believe that’s such an important statement right there – which many of us live but we always try to run away from.

As Malvika discusses being a working mother, she also shares how there have been near-breaking points in her marriage with Riyaz Shrestha. Normally, these would be super private information that couples would want to keep hidden… at least not share it for everyone to hear or read but it’s another amazing part of this interview. Marriage, being in a relationship – takes so much work and by talking about her relation with her husband and what their child means to them, Miss Subba has just made herself relatable to so many people across the world (not that she wasn’t relatable already).

Enjoy the interview!

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