Nepal Everest Organic Coffee Now In UK!

With Nepali tea considered amongst the best, it seems that we’ve forgotten to delve into Nepali coffee! The wait is about to end with the availability of Nepal’s premium Nepal Everest Organic Coffee for the very first time in the UK. The coffee from the Himalayas will be available from 15th June onwards. The team behind Nepal Everest Organic Coffee are excited to give-away 100g packet of the product to the first twenty customers!

Surprisingly, coffee has taken off in a big way in Kathmandu with a cafe in most corners of the city. From quick and affordable coffee spots to places that go the extra mile with their decor and range of coffees – Kathmandu now has something for everyone. Nepal Everest Organic Coffee has travelled to trade shows in Germany to South Korea and by the end of this week, the premium-range coffee will be available to buy in the UK!

The company will ship worldwide from London with prices starting from £4.99 (excluding postage and packaging).


Disclosure: This is a promotional post written with the intent to advertise Nepal Everest Organic Coffee. #Sponsored #Ads

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